Zoduna's mission is to provide data management, security, communication, and visualization for the modern world. Our products are focused on this mission.

We are working on data management solutions that scale across 1) very small environments such as semiconductor chips and industrial electronics to 2) middle environments such as internet of things (IoT) and consumer devices to 3) large environments such as desktops and servers. Our products provide the smallest data storage footprint for the functionality delivered and the highest performance, ranging from 50% to over 11,000% faster depending on the type of storage transaction.

Our current solutions support Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, and numerous Java platforms. Our database is called the Zoduna DataStore. Our core products are engineered in two product groups based upon Java and C programming languages.

The Java DataStore was developed in 2008 and is in use in 58 countries around the world. The products are supported on Blackberry, Android, Windows, WindowsMobile, Linux, Nucleus, and many Java virtual machines. Performance of this DataStore is similar to most C databases and 400% to 3,200% faster than other Java databases.

Our C DataStore is the newest edition. We have engineered programming language wrappers/bindings that include wrappers for C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, and .Net C#. In addition, we have tuned the C DataStore and the language wrappers for the Apple OSX and IOS; Android standard and variations of Android (e.g. Cyanogen and Oxygen); and Windows, WindowsMobile, and WindowsEmbedded platforms. The C DataStore operates at 50% to 11,000% faster than the best competitor platform.

Apple CoreData and Microsoft SQLServer Embedded

The C DataStore includes both SQL procedural Application Programming Interface (API) and an Object API, supporting all of the C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, and .Net C# wrappers. Both the procedural API and the Object API can be used simultaneously in the same application, allowing programmers to leverage the interface that they are most comfortable using.

SQLite Replacement

The C DataStore also includes a wrapper that emulates the SQLite database. This means that developers can remove the SQLite database from their application, replace it with the Zoduna DataStore, change the connection statement, and recompile the application. The result for developers is a database that operates the same as SQLite, but many times faster with many new features.

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